How To Grant Access To Facebook

If you don’t yet have a Facebook Business Manager account yet, please create one using this link: (Starting at the top right corner)

Once you have Facebook Business Manager, these are the steps to grant access to another person or agency.

1. Go to and you will see this:

Go ahead and select your own Business Account.

2. Next, go to Business Settings using the “hamburger menu” at the top left (the 3 horizontal lines):

3. Next, click the “Partners” link on the left, as shown in the next screenshot, and insert this ID number: 1815647088568472

4. Give access to all the assets you have (Pages, Ad accounts, Catalogs, Pixel, Instagram account, Custom Conversions (if any), etc., as shown here:

Be sure to give Admin access and toggle all the buttons on the right until you see they are blue.

Once you are finished, click “Save Changes” — then please let us know by email!