“Most of our clients have been with us a very long time, and we are their main source of new revenue. We’re very proud of that.” – James

“These Guys definitely know what they are doing. I run an auto business in California and my business has benefited immensely from the excellent campaigns they have created. Our sales were up by 30% within first month and credit goes to James and Thomas.

They are always there for you and would go at length to explain the technicalities of google adwords to ensure the campaign align to the business goals. I cannot recommend them enough. A definite FIVE STAR service.”

Raj Singh

“Thank you guys so much at Jamestheadwordsexpert.com, Ever since I have signed up with your company my business has taken off! I had other companies try to do my Adwords and they couldn’t get the results that I got from you in just a short time. Thanks again for your services and I will keep referring your service to everyone I know. Thanks again!

Phil Hoffman

“Customer service is amazing. The team contacts you and gives you ideas for improvements. If you have a quick question, replies and very fast. Most importantly, the team will live up to their word. They advertised that we would spend less with better results, and that is what we are seeing.”


“James is great. Full service and always above and beyond. He patiently and thoroughly responds to my questions quickly. I really appreciate his help in handling my marketing campaign. If you have any doubts reach out to me and I will personally vouch for him. Super appreciative for his help.”

Matthew Pillado

“Hiring James to manage our Adwords is one of the best decisions our company has made. He is extremely knowledgeable and, unlike the larger companies we spoke with, he has our best interest in mind.

The rapid growth of our sales is directly related to hiring James. We honestly consider him to be an important partner in our business as opposed to simply hired help.”

Ryan Tichenor

“Over the period of years James has, by far, been the most responsive and attentive person we’ve ever hired to oversee our adword campaign. In the past year our campaign has gotten increasingly stronger which I attribute in great part to James being up to date and vigilant to the ever-changing google algorithms.

If you want a person who actually works your adword campaign on a weekly basis, James is an excellent choice. He is extremely patient , explains well and is a delight to work with. I would highly recommend James to anyone who needs skilled eyes on their advertising campaign.”

Jane Longden

“One day after years of Adwords advertising, I came to the realization that I was overpaying and had the poorest ROI that I had ever had. Too much had changed over the years, and I didn’t have time/experience any longer to monitor and tweak my ads. I went looking for help and ran across James.

After a phone conversation, I realized he was the right person to take this off my hands. I’m getting more profitable traffic and thus my ROI is much better now. Glad I found him!”

John Howlett

“I worked with Tom Gatehouse at Jamestheadwordsexpert.com. Every service provided was excellent, from creating the ads to monitoring and optimizing keywords to tracking results. As a result, inquiries about our school coming through our website and phone lines increased dramatically.

I highly recommend them if you want to use Ad Words effectively. In every way, they live up to the company name. The company claim to be expert says it all!”

Emily Hero

“James took my Adwords over a couple of years ago. Previously, I was doing it because I couldn’t find a company with reasonable pricing. I know Adwords very well. However, as many business owners, I am not capable of devoting the time to Adwords. Additionally, Google frustrates me due to their GUI, policy, bid structure, and the many other possible changes every few weeks. Since James has been running my campaigns, they have been flawless. I have back checked James many times. To my utter disbelief, I have not had to make a single correction. Furthermore, James has optimized my campaigns better than I could have.

I have recommended James to four additional businesses and all four places are very satisfied with his work too! If your business requires Adwords, James is a diamond in the rough. Look no further. Also, James’s communication is impeccable, and prompt. Another huge asset concerning the tech industry. Most companies take at least 24 hours to return a call. James usually gets back with me in less than an hour. That’s if he doesn’t just answer the phone when I call. For my business to be without Adwords for a day would cost me several hundred dollars of net profit. James makes sure I’m optimized, running, and the leads are flowing! If anyone reading this testimonial doesn’t believe I’m real, please give James your number and I will be happy to verify my testimonial.”

Nate Smiley

“I decided to hire an expert to manage my Adwords business account because I wanted to maximize my dollars. I found James online and I’m so glad I did! He has done an excellent job and I can definitely say I am getting more Internet customers! The best of course are those looking for my main competitor online and finding me instead lol!

He effectively makes the most of my money in order to make sure the words and budget we are using are the most effective. He manages everything on a regular basis and is extremely responsive to any of my concerns or questions. Hiring James has been a very reasonable investment for a big return! There’s no contract so I had little to lose and much to gain- gaining for sure! Thank you James!”

Anna Raab

“James and his team are consistent, professional, and knowledgeable. They continually work our campaigns to ensure we are always improving.”

Kevin Spiller

“There are many experts in the field of AdWords and I tried more than a few before working with James. James made all the difference; traffic to my website improved tremendously once I started working with him. He has been my go to expert for four years now and I wouldn’t think of working with anyone else. Thank you James.”

Kevin Coffaro

“James, just wanted to drop a line to say what a wonderful job you have done with the management of our Adwords campaign and in lowering our CPC cost. We really appreciate how quickly you react to change request and in keeping us informed of what is going on. We look forward to a long happy relationship.”

Scot Bennett

“James was a great help when we start our business. After using different methods of advertising, we decide to start working with him. Seeing the great results that he provided, we are very happy working with James!”

Sebastian Huma

“James the “Adwords Expert” is an understatement in his title. He is truly the MASTER of AdWords and an excellent resource for anyone who needs guidance with online marketing. He has helped me and my company IMMENSELY. He is always available and always takes his time for discussion on all aspects of business. I can’t thank him enough for the Invaluable knowledge and guidance he has given me through our working together. Truly a one of a kind service.”

Victor Galante

Google Ads is a big hairy ad giant in which you have three options: You could run the campaign yourself. You could hire one of the big agencies to run your campaigns. Or you could hire James the Adwords Expert.The latter option is going to give you someone who cares about your account as much as you do, who will bring as much (if not more) experience as a big agency, and who will drive the results you want and need. If you would like someone to run your ads with integrity, attentiveness, and your success, I highly recommend James.

Bob Potter

“Wow. These guys have helped our business tremendously. Great work done by great people.”


Working with James was the best marketing decision we’ve made. The level of attention we get is beyond anything we could have ever hoped for. It is this level of attention and insight into our company’s goals that has led to the campaigns that James’ manages for us to perform at levels that we could have only dreamed of.James and Sebastian have not only earned our complete trust in any future campaign decisions, but they have earned our highest recommendation.

Johnathan Adler

“I want to thank you for the attention Doria has given my account since she has taken over. I am so impressed with her care and attentiveness to my company.

This is the attention i have been desiring for a long time. Your company has been great from the beginning, but she is even exceeding that so far. Thanks.”

Sean Luby, Owner

“We have worked with the team from James The Adwords Expert for almost 1 year now and these guys are complete pros. Not only did we achieve results and improvements with our campaigns from early on, but we have seen those results consistently grow over time.

Communication from their team is great and they are very responsive as well. For our company, this service has been an investment not a cost. We have tried different approaches to our paid ads, and I recommend James The Adwords Expert as it has helped us to achieve our best results.”

Aaron Thompson

“I came across jamestheadwordsexpert.com at a point when our Google Ads performance had dropped and I could no longer dedicate the necessary time and energy to maintain it myself. Since my first interaction with James’ team I have been very pleased. They quickly made significant and positive changes to our account. Further, they have offered advise on how we could improve our website for better conversions and overall seo performance. We are very happy to have James the Adwords Expert on our side!”

Sean Clayton

“I have worked with Tom for over four years now and their team has transformed our real estate business.

We tried to crack the Adwords nut for so long. Tom’s team showed us a whole new way to get real estate leads, and why it hadn’t worked before.

Our sales have more than doubled since we started with the James team. We couldn’t be more impressed.”

Logan Boyce

“We have worked with James – The Adwords Expert for roughly a year now. We could not be more satisfied with the service provided. Although we are a small business, we have been treated like any big company that relies on a professional team. All our questions have always been answered promptly and efficiently. The team has always been patient in guiding us through the technical aspects and, more importantly, they have worked as partners and helped us find the best strategies for our business along the way.

Christopher Dellinger

“Just to commend Sebastian on his good work and cooperation with our campaigns. Excellent. Feel like I work with real people rather than machines. Rare these days.

Our ads are showing their worthiness – indeed. Very pleased.

Lyle Parkins

“BookSpring has seen an increase in our web traffic as a direct result of James The AdWords Expert. They are truly experts in targeting the right audience with excellent campaigns. GoogleAds are crucial to a nonprofit’s ability to sustainably increase brand awareness. We are thrilled with the service we’ve received so far.”

Mariela Rodriguez